Virpurandad Library is a tribute to Bhai Vir Singh, Professor Puran Singh and Dr. C. Khudadad: mentors, poets, writers, scientists, and intellectuals who helped shape people’s thinking during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They were contemporaries who lived in and around the forested and fertile land between Dehra Dun and the village of Doiwala. With the mountains stretching into the north and the plains spread over the fields of the valley watered both by the rivers Ganges and the Yamuna, this region symbolized the message that the three together sent to the world: a pride in the teachings of the Gurus; an unparalleled intensity of passion, abandonment and love for nature as an expression of the divine; a lifelong devotion to scientific facts and trust in friends; and above all, a sense of respect for diversity in faiths and beliefs. This message is even more relevant today than it was during the life spans of these three great souls.

Virpurandad Library acknowledges their contribution, and attempts to recreate the strength and solace that existed wherever these three lived and wrote.